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Histopathology for diagnosis of disease processes affecting mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.
Includes initial examination of the gross tissues for tissue dissection, decalcification, appropriate evaluation of surgical margins, and internal consultation (initiated by the veterinary pathologist) where applicable. Results are generally available within 24-48 hours. The written report will include:

  1. Source and/or historical information
  2. Complete microscopic description
  3. Morphologic diagnosis
  4. Comments (this may include probable cause of death, etiologic agent, anticipated behavior, prognosis, and suggestions for further diagnostics)

Complete gross necropsy including histopathology

A veterinary pathologist will do the complete macroscopic (gross) postmortem. At this time samples are collected for microscopic examination. Photographs of interesting lesions may be taken as well as samples appropriate for ancillary testing (microbiology, toxicology, etc). Brief preliminary findings from the gross examination are reported within 24-48 hours. Histologic results and correlation with any other diagnostic findings are generally available within 3-5 days.


This includes a complete description of the overall cellularity, cell types and morphology, and a description of any etiological agents. A cytologic interpretation is provided and further diagnostic procedures may be recommended. When possible, comments will include prognosis, etiology, and any therapeutic recommendations based on both the literature and Dr. Reavill’s extensive clinical experience.

Special techniques including:

  • electron microscopy
  • immunohistochemistry
  • nucleic acid-based diagnostics
  • heavy metal analysis
  • and others...

Ancillary tests can sometimes be helpful in reaching a definitive diagnosis. As more techniques specifically for exotic animal species become available this list will grow. Many of these techniques are performed for us by outside facilities.

Forensic consultation

Please call for more specific information and pricing.

Telephone consultation service

There is no additional charge for consultation on submitted cases or for information concerning sample collection for a case to be submitted. Zoo/Exotic Pathology Service maintains a database of over 10,000 exotic animal disease references and has access to a multitude of web-based data services.

Rapid turn-around

Most preliminary or final reports are available by FAX or e-mail the second business day following our receipt of your sample. A letterhead hard copy will be mailed later.

Sample submission

Because a client-patient-veterinarian relationship is important for interpretation of pathology findings in light of clinical findings and ultimately for providing the best care for the animal, all specimens must either be submitted through a veterinarian or have prior authorization.

Samples may be submitted to:

Zoo/Exotic Pathology Service
6020 Rutland Drive, #14
Carmichael, CA 95608

Click here for a printable form

Submission materials including personalized accession forms, formalin biopsy jars, postage paid mailing boxes, slide holders, and small biopsy tissue cassettes are available at your request.

Sample collection and packaging

  1. Label your formalin containers immediately! A small number of submissions do get separated from their submission forms resulting in unclaimed and unprocessed samples.
  2. Do not put large samples in narrow-mouth containers. Formalin fixation causes samples to be less flexible, making it difficult to remove them from the container later.
  3. Please don’t drop large masses on top of your small, fragile tissue samples. Place smaller samples in a tissue cassette (we can supply these) or in a red top blood collection tube filled with formalin.
  4. Place the lid on the formalin jar and then use the wax sealer to cover the entire top of the jar, this helps seal the jar and prevents formalin leaks.

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Services are billed monthly.