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Jar, Bag, and Box!

Three steps of shipping a biopsy sample

1. JAR

2. BAG

3. BOX

Prepare your sample jar by labeling it with your hospital and/or client information.

Once you have placed the appropriately collected samples within the jar, close the jar tightly

and seal top with Parafilm. Shipping tape will not stop formalin from leaking. Leaking formalin

compromises your sample by leaving it to dry out, obliterates labels and exposes unprotected personnel

to formalin (a known carcinogen!)

Place the prepared sample jar into a plastic bag. Bags should be sealed. An open bag

will do nothing to prevent leaking fluid. Multiple bags (2-3) is a good practice. Placing your

submittal forms in a separate sealed bag protects important information from being

destroyed due to leaking samples.

A box gives your sample a rigid container for protection. Left in a padded or clinical pack

alone, formalin jars are thrown around and burried under heavier items during shipping

causing cracked and broken jars.

#1 - Yes - Properly packaged samples include a specimen jar, sealed plastic bag, packing material and an outer box.

Correct to ship

#2 - No -  This jar has been crushed during shipping; exposing formalin and damaging tissue samples.

Not a good way to pack 

#3 - No - These samples did not have proper packing material and leaked during shipping; saturating the box and exposing formalin.

Incorrect shipping box